Different Types of Window Films

The 3 basic types of films are;

  • dyed or non-reflective films
  • metallized or reflective films
  • hybrid (dyed/metallized)

A dyed film is just as it says. The polyester is dyed in a submersion process that is absorbed into the porous material. This is the most effective way to ensure good colour and life of colour. These films primarily absorb solar energy. Another way is the dyed adhesive process where the adhesive is coloured prior to the application to the clear polyester.

Metallized films are created by a process called sputtering. This is an advanced process that uses a rod of desired metal such as nickel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and others that is literally converted into a molten form and "sputtered" on the surface of the film by charging the metal and the film with opposing ions allowing the metal to penetrate and uniformly bond to the film. Metallized, or reflective films absorb as well as relfect solar energy.

Hybrid films are a bonding together of a dyed film and a full metalized film. These films tend to be semi-reflective, so they offer some of the reflective properties of a high performance metallized film, but also the level of darkness of a dyed film.

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...Window Film Manufacturers

There are many window film manufacturers, far too many to list here. Here is a brief list of the most popular film companies;




SolarGard SolarGard SolarGard is an industry leader in the professional grade solar control, safety and security window films.
LLumar Window Film LLumar LLumar is manufacturered by CPFilms Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of window film. Llumar is the only manufacturer that makes all of its film components in-house. That ensures the best quality control.
Madico Madico Madico was the first to develop the technology of vacuum deposition and has achieved more industry firsts than anyone else.
Sun-Gard Sun-Gard SunGard was founded 1984 and was involved in window film installation in such buildings as the Guggenheim Museum, American Stock Exchange, and IBM Headquarters.