There are more and more laws governing how dark we can have our windows tinted. In several states and provinces window tinting has been completely banned! With the hybrid tinting films available today darkness does not mean better heat rejection or ultraviolet protection, just a darker look. When tinting your windows please follow the laws of your state or province and go with a legal product. This will help keep tinted windows legal in your area and keep you from paying a hefty ticket.

The common reasons for putting restrictions on how dark you can tint your windows vary from; drivers needing to make eye contact with other drivers and pedestrians, criminals hiding behind dark windows. Law enforcement officers in particular can feel threatened by not being able to see into a vehicle during a traffic stop.

** These tables are guides only. Please refer to your state's laws are regulations as well as local regulations before tinting any windows, either as a customer purchasing window tint, or an installer applying window tint.

US State Laws

Canadian Province Laws